2014 Healing Adventure Retreat Coming In May

We will be holding our third weekend long retreat at NatureBridge May 16-18, 2014. To see more about what to look forward to please view our more detailed video:


Healing Adventure Cancer Survivor Program Video


See Amazing Healing Adventure Retreat below for comments from our 2013 program:

Join us for a Coastal Hike

Ozette Loop – June 15-17 2014

This beautiful stretch of the Pacific Northwest coast, tucked three miles away from any road and a million miles away from the bustle of everyday life, is a perfect place to get away and explore.  In this three-day trip we will travel through coastal forest and wild beaches, all the while enjoying the fascinating natural history of the area.

Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast

Our adventure will be heavily influenced by the tides, and we will take advantage of good evening low tides to explore the tide pools with marine naturalist, Katy Reid.

Day one will have us hiking on both trail and boardwalk, through the dense coastal forest.  We will take our time and enjoy the plants and wildlife along the way.  When we reach the coast at Sand Point, we will set up camp in the woods within sight of the breaking waves.There we will enjoy a lovely dinner and settle in for the first night. …Continue Reading Join us for a Coastal Hike

Amazing Healing Adventure Retreat

Wow! What a wonderful Healing Adventure Retreat! Our spring retreat exceeded expectations…great group of participants, engaging presentations, super setting, and beautiful weather to top it off!

2013-05-05 12.18.55-1

Such a wonderful experience with an amazing group!








Comments from participants:



 Group Paddle on Lake Crescent

Group Paddle on Lake Crescent


“I hope you feel really good about the outcome of this past weekend–personally, it was a really beneficial& rewarding experience! The exchange of information and camaraderie was valuable, encouraging and fun…and to score such glorious weather was a cherry on top!”

That just about sums it up for me. I had a wonderful time and Monday I felt so relaxed I had one of the best days I’ve had in months.Thanks again for your wonderful organization and the special retreat.”

“This was just great. It was such a gift for all involved. I came away renewed, rejuvenated and very inspired!”

My 10 Year Journey

A Survivor’s Journey

As a person who has spent the last ten years willing to share my experience about life after diagnosis, it’s still difficult to simply say “I am a cancer survivor.”  So much goes into this statement.

It’s been an incredible journey and I have seen and experienced so much during this period in my life-a period that almost seemed out of reach.

At the time, I was strong and healthy, Lance Armstrong was still a hero, and the Livestrong Foundation was just gaining traction. Since then, I’ve attended a conference at their headquarters in Austin, Texas, started my own program (Survivor’s Outdoor Experience) and have witnessed Mr. Armstrong’s meteoric fall from grace.

As much as I deplore this man’s constant flippant denials and bully-style behavior, I can totally relate with him about how rewarding it is to help others through simply surviving against the odds-the most basic form of leading by example.

This is why share my story. It goes beyond this simple idea of outlasting the disease- I felt like I would, but I still feel like it’s a temporary victory. Even though it’s been ten years and multiple MRI exams later and all the evidence suggests that I should declare victory. …Continue Reading My 10 Year Journey

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